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July 30, 2006 / Abhijit Shylanath

Microsoft Screws Up Again!

And we all clap in glee..

I feel bad for them sometimes, but then I get over it.

July 28, 2006 / Abhijit Shylanath

New shirt!

Is so wunderbar to be this. I just explored the blog hosting site (wordpress) and turned a few knobs and screwed my blog up just the way I like it! I am now excited and therefore feeling overgeeky and maladjusted. I need chocolate.

July 27, 2006 / Abhijit Shylanath

Quantum Physics and Me (The Secret Story)

Two or one day(s) back, I saw a special on the Discovery Channel about Einstein’s theories. It was one of the most fascinating programs I’d seen in years, and I was all kicked about Quantum mechanics and the Superstring theory an’all. Reading up on it, so here a nice starter for peeps who are interested:

A Detailed Introduction to the Theory of Strings (Sunil Mukhi)

And of course, Wikipedia.

I’ll keep updating this post as and when I find something interesting.

Currently reading ‘A Brief History of Time‘, finally.

July 24, 2006 / Abhijit Shylanath


Had a discussion today, with an opposing force, who I know who is. She said that she believes in the supernatural, and in souls and beyonds. Even though I’m militantly atheist and cynical, I thought that it was a nice idea.

Imagine – we have two worlds, or more. One that we know, with our (supposed) ten dimensions. The other either exists parallely, in a dimension superior to (containing) the known ones, or in a completely different context, based on forces that we can’t even imagine. Creatures in the parallel world (let’s call it Boulder, Colorado) are ordinarily unable to move through our three dimensions. The only way they can do that is to jump into our world (‘possessing’ one of our bodies). Those creatures would be souls.

They jump into our dimension by controlling chemical and electrical reactions that occur here. They pull the strings, so to speak, of chemical and electrical systems throughout our Universe, much like a puppeteer. They have a limited span of control; maybe they can’t concentrate for too long. And any free will that we demonstrate pulls us further away from their control and, consequently, their life-giving force.

That’s why the good die young..

So pseudoscience and mallalalalalalal-ish. Perfect fodder for Something Awful’s Awful Link of The Day. But is nice material for ze story, eh? Anyway, just realized that this blog should do wonders for my writing skills if I keep at it everyday. Even if it’s the most boring thing on Earth (and I suspect that it is, to the two of you that are reading it… Hi, Sanj and Sanj’s cat!), I’m enjoying writing this shit.

July 24, 2006 / Abhijit Shylanath

The Datum of Discovery

The Datum, he was bored. He’d been everywhere. He’d seen the pyramids, he’d seen the rain in Nigeria, he’d seen the wind of Alaska, bla bla. He hated travelling now. He used to like it when it was new and exciting.

He plopped into bed and stared at the lava flowing across the ceiling. He said to himself, “Fleep fleep, what a sad sheep I am. I must do something new tomorrow.” So, he slid happily into sleepyland, where he dreamt of happy things he didn’t remember the next morning.

The next morning, datum woke up to a brilliant new day.

In a strange, weird place with lava flowing across the ceiling. What a happy datum he was.

July 22, 2006 / Abhijit Shylanath

All Thumbs

This morning, when I was in the process of waking up, I saw fuzzy visions of my favorite superheroes (no one care that I don’t know too many). There was Superman, The Hulk, Spiderman, Batman, The Men In Black, Tom Sawyer, The Minister of Defence..

In my sleep-addled state, I was uncharacteristically observant and realized that there was one thing that these guys had in common. One thing that set them apart, and was the source of their awesome powers.

They all had.. wait for it.. a little more.. thumbs.. you overshot.. go back.



What can I say about thumbs?

How does Superman fly? Thumbs! Notice that he puts his hands into the air, pointing in the direction that he wants to fly. His thumbs are mini jet-booster-rocket-thingies (solar powered, of course).

How does Spiderman fling gooey stuff? Yes, his other fingers, not his thumbs. But where do you think the gooey stuff is generated? Not in the appendage that squirts out liquid, but in the smaller appendage that lives next to it.. the thumb!

And the hulk? He has a green thumb. Hyok hyok.

The MIB are unrelated, but I finally got the DVD and I can watch the movie so I can join the rest of humanity.

This was so much more interesting and witty in my sleep.

DVDs are nice. *drool*

July 21, 2006 / Abhijit Shylanath

First Post

I’m a gonna paint a nice-a pictre here.


K. Done.

Sighs. K, this is my third attempt at a real blog. My previous two were utter disasters. I had no idea what to write about. Now I still don’t, but my grammar improved. Slightfully.

Today’s topic of discussion is ganders.

Ganders are the Rolls Royce of Geese. I don’t know if Geese should be capitalized thusly. I will err on the side of the capitalists. Ganders are much like shit (therefore, “I don’t give a gander.”)

Ganderii (the plurer form of Gander) are also politically inclined. Examples are Mahatma Gander, Ganderhari (from the Mahabharata), and Gander W. Bush (from the Mahafart-a).

Gander are known to hate pronouns. They.. *ganders attack author who dies from attack*